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Jason Belkov

“My goal as a wedding filmmaker is to inspire you with my films; to craft something that is timeless, romantic, fun and everything in between.”

No wedding is alike and each film that I create is different. For me that means I need to be more creative than just having a collection of beautiful shots layered over music. I like to craft a narrative using the audio from the day that is unique to each couple.

I often hear from my clients how their wedding “was just like watching a movie”.

And it’s true, I’m able to express myself creativity through the art of the audio-visual language and apply the classic rules of cinema to my work.

You are unique and your wedding film should be as well. I filmed my first wedding in 2012, which started as a way to practice my craft with a goal towards making movies. I quickly discovered that I really loved the challenge of capturing something where you can’t do a second take.